Sri Lanka Next Generation (SLNG) is the local body of Sri Lanka for the Asia Pacific Next Generation (APNG). As our parent organization (APNG), we have following objectives and motivation with SLNG


By organizing activities SLNG hope to achieve following objectives.

  • To increase the awareness of Asia Pacific Next Generation activities in Sri Lanka
  • Empowering Next Generation (APNG) activity through APNG Local Camps
  • Challenging to create new Internet growth opportunity
  • Provide opportunities for the youth to improve their knowledge on the Internet and ICT
  • Provide a platform to share the knowledge and experience among the community
  • Share and discussed the Sri Lankan perspective of the Internet
  • Help to master the skills necessary to build and operate the Internet Technologies
  • Provide a forum for key Internet builders in Sri Lanka to learn from their peers
  • Build the next generation Internet leaders in Sri Lanka
  • Help to develop a robust Internet infrastructure in Sri Lanka
  • Support to develop the Internet infastructure in the less developed areas in Sri Lanka
  • Promoting and facilitating network enabled research collaboration and knowledge discovery
  • Support for ICANN One World. One Internet initiative
  • Provide a voice in the development Internet Policy Process
  • Help to bridging the digital divide in Sri Lanka

  • Local fellowship for participants from universities, institutes and schools
  • APNG fellowships opportunities for fellows

Keeping the fact in our mind that the youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow, SLNG and its camp activities are not only empowering the Next Generation who has the power of developmental assets and an innovative and fresh point of view on Internet Technology but also bonding and strengthening relationship among senior leaders and the youth to share and discuss over perspectives of today’s Internet in Sri Lanka.

SLNG Structure

The general affairs of the SLNG run by an Executive Committee comprising of the following officers.

  • Chairman
  • Vice Chairman
  • Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • Chairman - Program Committee
  • Chairman - Fellowship Committee
  • Chairman - Working Group Committee